Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat started out in Dave’s backyard in the early 90’s. Dave was cranking out homebrews almost every weekend when a postcard turned up from Cam (backpacking through Canada).

Cam was travelling OS after quitting his music industry job in Melbourne. “When I turned up in Vancouver a friend took me out to some local bars serving a host of local microbrews on tap. I just suddenly got the picture and realised what Dave was striving for back home. My perception of beer got turned upside down right then and there. So I sent Dave a postcard that said something like Dave, we gotta talk, we need to start a microbrewery in Melbourne”.

Today the boys operate on of Melbourne’s most successful microbreweries in the back streets of Richmond

Mountain Goat has collected a swag of awards over the last 10 years for their traditional, all natural ales and now has about 80 bars in Melbourne pouring their beers on tap plus bottled beer distributed nationally.

So why Mountain Goat? Well, a mountain goat’s a big hairy animal that’s never gonna fall over.

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