The Natural wine Co Low Alcohol Sparkling Rose 2021

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2021 The Natural Wine Co Lightly Sparkling Wines

Posted on March 23, 2022 by Tony Peters

Sometimes it is so good to just have a wine and not think about it too much.  Find a glass, crack the screwcap, pour it, sit, relax aaaaaand drink!  I suppose you could call it the simple approach to wine appreciation.  Add low alcohol, low calories, organic, vegan, a bit of fizz and you have these two wines in a nutshell.  It must be said, they are a great idea and there is definitely a place for these types of wines in bottle-shop fridges.  They are probably already out there and these two wines have made me realise I need to look a bit harder.

The Lightly Sparkling Rosé proved to be the perfect follow-on from the White.  Again, yes light but there’s more presence on the palate thanks to a touch of texture.  It’s all about the fresh strawberry fruit for me with the fizz adding the ‘fun’ factor.  This is very easy to like.